Sendshark Review

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Sendshark review

Hey, today I am going to be doing a full Sendshark Review to try to cover all of the basic and go over everything you will need to know before choosing this as your autoresponder.

Sendshark is the newest and most controversial email autoresponder to hit the market to date.
So Today we will be doing send shark review to see how it fairs up against the many other competitors out there.

What is Sendsharks Price Plans?

First, let’s start with the big thing that makes sendshark stand out from the crowd and that is, of course, the price…

Where most Autoresponder cost around $200+ per month for an email list of 50,000 subscribers Sendshark only charges a measly $25 per month for up to 50,000 subscribers, most people spend more than that on coffee and we all know a poorly optimised email list of 50,000 subscribers should bring in around $50,000 per month (with the average email list making $1 per subscriber per month)

I contacted customer support about the price plan for over 50k subscriber and they said you can buy an additional package of 50,000 subscribers for $24.95 50,000 subscribers 100,000 Subscribers
Price per month $25/month $49.95/month

Sendshark Review

Price comparison with some well know email autoresponder companies

Aweber – $149/month for a list of up to 25,000 you have to get a quote for anything over that
GetResponce – $250 to $350 for 50,000 subscribers depending on package
Sendlane– $349 for 50,000 subscribers
InfusionSoft – $304/month for 3 month then $379/month for 50,000 subscriber
MailChmp – $240/month for 50,000 subscriber
Icontact – $239/month  for 35,000 for 50,000+ you need to get a quote

Sandshark $25/month for 50,000 subscriber 

As you can see from the price comparison sendshark offer a whole lot more subscriber for a 10th of the cost…

Why So Cheap?

Sendshark was created by 8 figure and multimillionaire Joel Therien the founder and CEO of Now lifestyle, GVO, pure leverage and now SendShark… He learned the 10th cost model from the founder and former CEO of Godaddy (The domain registrar site) Bob Parsons who took Godaddy to the top of the domain registration space by undercutting his competition by a 10th and keeping high standards.

What Are the Main Features of SendShark?

Sendshark offer high-quality servers with a very high delivery rate if 99%, they can achieve this because the company own and run their own servers, A lead capture System and they are also introducing a Drag and Drop Squeeze page creator, This is ideal for all of the not technical savvy people out there wanting to build their email list and make good money.

If the drag and drop builder was already implemented I would have scored higher on this, but as it stands I will have to lower my score on features and re-evaluate once the drag and drop builder is launched 

Who Uses Send Shark?

Sendshark is used by anyone email marketer that wants to reduce the cost of there email autoresponder by a 10th, it is also used by Joel Therien himself and everyone that in now lifeStyle and GVO, his other company’s.


Is Sendshark Easy to Use?

Sendshark is relatively easy to use, like all autoresponders it has a small learning curve but once you have used it a few time and send out your 1st few emails and broadcasts it becomes second nature.

What Customer Service does SendShark Offer?

Sendshark offers the same customer service as they do to there now lifeStyle and GVO customers which is a live chat as well as ticket support via email, The response time is good replying to tickets the same day and they are very helpful and friendly.

I also contacted the live support to ask about the prices and they replied within minutes and answered all 5 questions I had for them, they were very helpful.

Final Thoughts

After using this autoresponder for a short period of time I have come to the conclusion that it is very good for the money, the customer service is top notch

Tho I have not tried the live chat I did submit 2 tickets and they were both answered the same day within a few hours.

At the moment Sendshark works within the new lifestyle website back office which also has a lot of features like the lead capture system and they are currently working on a drag and drop squeeze page creator, once this is released I will have to increase my rating on features, as I think this is a must for autoresponder’s as it can save you both time and money outsourcing a squeeze page builder.

If you have any questions or comment’s just left them below and I will get back you ASAP if you have used this Autoresponder and would like to leave a review just drop it down below 

Thanks for reading 

Leave a Review

If you have used this Autoresponder and would like to leave your review, Please leave an honest review and star rating as well

All reviews left will affect the final review score… 

Sendshark AutoResponder






Ease Of Use


Customers Support





  • Very Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support
  • Good Deliver ability
  • Own Dedicated servers


  • Could have more features
  • No Drag and Drop Builder yet
  1. Price




    Ease Of Use


    Customers Support




    Good review

    I have been using this for autoresponder with nowLifestyle for months now and its Awesome
    All of the email I send hit the inbox and I and getting a very good open rate and starting to replace my job income with an online income,
    I should be able to quit my job by the end of the year

    • Yeah, I think I will be moving my email lists over to this soon
      And that’s amazing Jack stick at it my friend and you will be living it large in no time 😀

  2. Wow that sounds so awesome. I have never heard of sendshark before. I may be checking into this soon myself. It is my understanding that it is like an email message system like you have on your phone right. Please let me know before I sign up for this but that is what I am getting from it. I have neve tried it but it does sound cool. I am pretty new with my site but I am getting alot of emails at this point. Great review! Thanks.

    • He Darla,

      Sandshark is quite new only a few months old, its is a product of now lifestyle,
      It is an email autoresponder, what they do is collect email and send out an automated pre-written email, so as soon as someone enters their email address on a form on your website they will be added to the autoresponder list and receive an email instantly from you.

      They will then be sent an email daily or twice per day whenever you choose, the purpose of this is to build trust and value because people only buy from people they trust, I have tested this by sending 100 people to the same affiliate offer, 1st one sent them directly to the offer the 2nd) took their email address and then send out a 5 email sequence talking about the offer.

      The result was the 1st one I got no sales and lost the customers forever, with the 2nd email capture form and sequence I made 4 sales and got 48 email addresses, Now I can email the 48 people with the same offer in the future or any other offer I think will benefit them.

  3. I’m currently using GetResponse for autoresponders and other features. I do like them, but once your list size starts to grow, the monthly costs do get expensive.

    Sendshark offers up to 50k subscribers for just $25. That’s pretty hard to beat. Do you think this offer will always stay that price, or is this just a limited time deal, where even if you join at that price, later on they’ll increase the price dramatically?

    • Hi Darren,

      I also used GetResponse, there are a lot of feature i did like about them and some thinks i didn’t like I will be doing a review of them next but i have moved over to sendshark/ nowlifestyle leadcaptur system and autoresponder.

      As far as I know if you sign up for the $25 a month for up-to 50k subscribers you are locked in at that price,
      The price will increase if and when you go over 50k subscribers but i am not sure by how much.

      I am not sure if the 50k subscribers for $25 is only a pre-launch deal tho and the price will got up after the official launch, but im sure if you get in during the $25 pre-launch it will stay at that price.

      I am going to find out for sure and get back to you.


    • Hey Darren,

      I have just contacted the live support team to find out the answer to your questions and its good news

      1)once you sign up the price will stay at $25 for 50k subs (you are locked in at that price)

      2)if you want any to add more than 50,000 subscribers you can add an additional package for $24.95 for another 50k subscriber’s, so that’s a whopping 100k subscriber list for under $50/month

      3)There is no prelaunch period or time limits

      I hope that helps

  4. Hi Tamzon, I have wanted to build list for a website that I have owned but I’m not sure of what to use. I think sendshark would be good for those who own a very large list but for now as I’m just starting out, I will go for free ones that can hold a few hundred people and by that time if I have enough people, will i plan to upgrade and use sendshark

    • Hi Fernglow,

      Yeah I know exactly what you mean I did the same thing when I 1st started, There are a few free autoresponders out there I have tried Mailchinp offer a free list of up to 2000 subscribers before they start charging you, but when I used it the atuoresponder was not free, you could build your list and send broadcasts 

      But Mailchip has a big flaw in my opinion, They don’t like affiliate marketing email I could be wrong but i am sute that was the reason I got my account blocked and lost my list, it was only a few hundred people so I was not to fussed about it but I need an email autoresponder that approves of affiliate marketing email.

      And Sendshark was created for internet and affiliate marketers so I never have to worry about losing a list for sending affiliate likes in my emails.

      I also used GVO this is the main company being send shark I got up to 500 subscribers for free.

      I used a few others free ones some were complete garbage, i did find 2 that were quite good, I cant remember the name of the top of my head but one of them told me, but one of them told me directly that they don’t support affiliate marketing, 

      One of them was benchmarkemail I don’t even know if this was the good one or the bad one I would have to do some more research on this to find out, I will bedoing review of all autoresponder I have used both free and paid and I have used a lot of them over the years trying to find a good of that doers everything I want from them.


  5. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your review. Super interesting to be honest I thought that mail chip would be the best option but, when I look at Sendshark It really seems to have a few more pros than the competition. Thank you very much I think will change my email responder.

    • No problem Aaron,

      Mailchip is good for beginners starting to build a list because you can get it for free for up to 2000 subscribers, but after that the price really goes up, Also when I used MailChimp it was good for building the list but the autoresponder  was a paid feature, so it want free an all to me.

      Someone told me the autoresponder feature is now included int he free now for up to 2k subscribers but i have yet to do my research on this 

  6. I am now really starting to see an increased level of traffic flow in now. As my research deepen’s for more way’s to enhance my online business, I ran into this exciting platform autoresponder within your blog, what I am seeing is an amazing opportunity to create additional cash flow to my internet business. As a new website owner would you still recommend this opportunity? Thank you for the great read, and I will definitely see you soon, Jack

    • Hi Jack,

      Congrats on the increased traffic to your website, and Yes I would highly recommend this to new site owners for the following reasons,

      if you have an email capture form on your site, blog or business site, it give all of your visitor a chance to sign up, if you wait until your site is older and getting 1000 or more view per day, think of all the potential business or customers you would have missed out on.

      The sooner you start building your list the better, not only can your list be use to create new sales from people who did not buy on the 1st visit to your site but it can also be use to promote up-sales, down-sales or other related products – increasing your sale by 300% if you have a smaller cheap product on the front end and more expensive products on the back end.

      I started trying to make money online full time since 2010 and I did not make a sale until I started implementing Email marketing because people just didn’t not buy on the 1st visit, It was then that I realised that I have missed out on 1000s of potential sale.

      I was even collecting email on one of my site and made 2 big mistakes
      1st mistake was not emailing my list with reminder of the promotion or using my list at all
      2nd mistake was removing the email list and letting them download the Ebook 

      At the time I did not know the power of email lists or what to do with them. 

      But we live and learn 

  7. Price




    Ease Of Use


    Customers Support




    Hey, thanks for this review “ review”! I just took your offer and signed up. At first, I was a little confused when I logged in and honestly, I still am but, for some reason. I am kind of excited about this. I’ve heard of Now Lifestyle before, but never really knew anything about them. I guess I will start to learn here soon.

    Maybe, I missed it but, where is the Facebook group? and if I have questions, because, I do is it the support button or I guess the live chat that I need to contact. Or maybe I should just slow down and not get too overly excited and just try and watch training videos. Maybe my answer will be somewhere in the back office.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot for sharing this awesome deal. Do you know, if this will be for the life of the account? I paid yearly so, would my yearly always be the same or is the pricing going up next year?

    • Hey Lakisha,
      It can be a little confusing at the start especially if you have never one email marketing before, it can also be a little more confusing by
      the Nowlifestyle stuff and training videos they have as well.

      Now lifestyle users use the same autoresponder as the Sendshark one, but all you have to do is focus on the page builder and autoresponder
      The facebook group is more focused to Nowlifestyle as a company, not just the autoresponder but if you use the autoresponder you can still join the facebook group as it is all fun by the same company here is the FB page here –

      A lot of ppl in the fb group can help, some cant if you have any questions or get stuck on anything you can ask me and i will help you out,

      Yes this is for the life of your account the price you pay is the price it stays at for life, so if you bought the yearly membership you will be billed the exact same price next year and as you got in during the promo- you price will never go up unless you want to start promoting Nowlifestyle fitness product as well but you dont have too.

  8. I’ve been thinking of using a different autoresponder, and that price is extremely competitive! I might have to seriously consider using SendShark. Based on your review, it seems reputable and it’s a good sign that the owner himself uses it. I like that the deliverability rates are high, too. 

    I’m glad I came across this post!

    • Yes, It is a good autoresponder especially for the price and made even  better by the squeeze page builder feature 
      And they are still working on adding more features 

      I have been using this autoresponder for a while now and making good money from it with good delivery rates

      Glad you liked the post 

  9. Wow, Sendshark sounds great. I hadn’t heard of it but it definitely sounds like a good idea because it saves you so much money and still gives you more people on your list. Email lists are so important to use. i saw one blogger who has made millions of dollars saying one thing they wished, was that they started an email list sooner. 

    An email list is great to keep people coming back to your site, both for more ad or affiliate revenue, and also if you ever make your own e-book. 

    I will bookmark this page and perhaps come back to Sendshark when its time to make an email list. Thanks!

    • Yes, the money is in the list as they say,

      I also made that very same mistake of not building my list at the start, I also made a bigger mistake of letting big lists die by not mailing them but I have learnt my lesson now.

  10. This was really a surprising read. I was half expecting to see it get a poor review because I have seen so many of this type of product receive one. It’s refreshing in a way that someone put out a quality product that isn’t just trying to get your money. I was surprised at the monthly cost and how much lower it is than some of the competitors. It seems like a no-brainer to check out.

    Thanks for posting this. Learn something new every day. 

    • There are a lot of good products out there that can help you just need to find out 

      what ones are good and what just want to take your money

  11. I’ve never heard of Sendshark before so thank you for introducing me to it! I’ve begun search on a good autoresponder and they’re all so expensive per month especially for someone just starting out like me. So 25 dollars a month would definitely be much easier on the wallet lol. But I’m still confused about why is this so cheap? I understand you said it uses the 10th cost model but what is that? Does it not have all the bells and whistles of the other much more expensive autoresponders like Aweber ect.? Maybe a post where you do a features comparison between Sendshark and the other autoresponders would be helpful.

    • Yes, it has all the same features as all the more expensive well know autoresponders and they are adding more features all the time.

      They can keep the price cheap because they own their own servers and this is no the only business they run, its just another revanew stream for them.

  12. That is a tremendous savings over the competing auto responders. I have been thinking about building an email list at some point and always been concerned with the added cost. Would you advise a person to wait until they have a certain amount of traffic coming to their website before adding the expense of an autoresponder? 

    • if you are going to add email subscribers only from your website 
      I would suggest you are getting a good flow of daily traffic at least 50 to 100 per day should be enough 

      But if you are planning on building your list in other ways then I would start now

      Having a list can also help drive traffic to your website.

  13. Hi bestautoresponderreview.  thanks for the interesting writeup and post about SendShark and its competitors.  I recently started using mailerlite but I am not 100% sold on it.  It is getting the job done for now.  How long have you been using SendShark and are you fully commited to it? (not shopping around)?  Thanks for the feature/price comparison.  it was a little hard to read but I was able to make it out.  Maybe a tabular format may help?  Also, I noticed the name spelled as SendShark, Sandshark, Send Shark, sendshark.  I think the proper branding may be SendShark.  

    Thanks for your post and I’ll go to their website to look at some more videos and info.  

    • I have used mailerlite in the past, they are good at getting general emails sent out 

      But they don’t support affiliate marketing, as I found out and they closed my account down and i list my list.
      look at there term page here

      it says 
      Affiliate Marketing (Prohibited) – is a type of business where you earn a commission by promoting other company’s products. We don’t allow this activity, because there’s no direct relationship between you and your subscribers. You are not allowed to send unrelated offers to your subscribers or pretend to be another brand.

  14. Hi Aaron. I am still trying to figure out AutoResponders and whether or not I need one yet. The Send Shark on you have reviewed for us sounds like it might just suit me. At $25 a month for 50,000 emails it will do me for some time.The only question I have is. Does this AutoResponder also initially  capture your emails or do I need a different plugin for this. Sorry if this is a silly question, but I am trying to work out just what I’m meant to do. Jim

    • They have added a squeeze page builder so you can build the page and the email will be sent to the autoresponder and have the links on your website

      You can also ad plugin or widgets and connect the autoresponder to that 

  15. It is about time to start email marketing for my fairly new site. I have seen many sites using Aweber, Mailchimp and GetResponse but have not come across Sendshark. Thanks for the review. The price is really good to start with. I hope it is easy to use like you mentioned as I have no experience at all using autoresponder.

    Thanks again!

    • All autoresponders have a bit of a learning curve but there are training videos on the site showing you how to use the software 

      It’s no harder to use then  Aweber, MailChimp or GetResponse 

      I have used all 3 in the past 

  16. This is really cool if it works as promised, as it’s a great value for the money. It’s good to hear that your support tickets were answered within a day, but I’m a little curious if those were on weekends or weekdays (I’ve noticed some companies have limited tech support over the weekend when a lot of “side hustle” bloggers are working)? I appreciate the article… it’s not something I’ve heard of before finding your article!

    • The support team work over the weekend too

      It does work you just have to put in the work upfront 

      I would suggest you do some research on email marketing, its a whole new source of income and can work together with your website 

  17. I really wish that I had found your article three weeks ago!  I have been struggling to procure an easy-to-use, low-cost auto responder for my blog site. I spent several hours searching online and comparing prices. 

    I am particularly interested in the fact that the company owns and runs their own servers and thus can deliver very high quality service. 

    It’s fantastic of you to create a beautiful product review with all the information in one place to enable anyone shopping for autoresponder to make a decision very quickly. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome, 

      I have been doing this for years and have tried multiple email autoresponder over the years and 

      this one is a simple and good value

  18. I am usually pretty slow to jump into these things anymore but since the price is very reasonable, I may end up doing it. 

    What do you find is the most beneficial part of this? Are the subscribers good ones or are you just paying for some emails but they never turn into conversions on your site?

    Driving traffic to my site is the next big thing on my list and I am creating a lot of content but I know I need to start building an email list. 

    • They don’t actually provide you with 50k emails

      you have to build the list your self  so the list is as god as the traffic source you for it from 

      The most beneficial past is once you have a big list you can pretty much get pain on demand or get instant traffic to your website, youtube video or whatever you want to promote

      You could also sell solo ads to other people and make more money that way  

  19. I had no idea that an autoresponder system costs so much for Email lists of 50k! It’s good to know there is a cost effective, (cheap) autoresponder system available. I’m still working on attracting leads so I can build an Email list. Hence I’ll keep Sendshark in mind, mainly because of your review and recommendation.

    Do you have ideas on how to build an Email list? Typically how long does it take to accumulate a number as high as 50k? 

    Thanks for writing this.


    • There a few ways to build an email list

      Paid ads

      1) the fastest most straightforward way is to buy solo ads

      2)Buying ads on google, facebook, youtube, and any other site.


      1)Youtube videos with a link in the description

      2)put ads on your site linking to squeeze page

      3)put links on socials media sites

      To build a list of 50k can take a long time, it all depends on what methods you use to get the emails and how good the offer is, etc

      For example, a youtube video could go viral, and you could get 50k subscribers within a month or 2

      or you could slowly build up a list gaining a few subscribers a day

      but what you have to remember is one email subscribe is equivalent to $1 a month, and that is with a poorly optimized email follow up, so you can start making a good income very fast

  20. Hi! My website is very new and I don’t have an email autoresponder yet. Do you suggest using Sendshark? I honestly don’t know where to begin so any advise would be appreciated. Also, I have very limited funds, so if there is a free service out there that is acceptable I would love to know that too.

    Thank you so much in advance for your answer!

    • I would recommend sendshark autoresponder to someone with a new website; however, if funds are tight as they may be at the start of a site.

      I would wait until your site is getting a regular flow of traffic before getting an autoresponder because you don’t want to pay for it before you start building a list

      There are free services out there to get started list building like mailchip, but the autoresponder was not free last time I checked, I also lost my account and list with them because they don’t like affiliate marketing.

  21. Thank you for sharing your review. Although it is a great price and does do good, I am with you about the low integrity of adding third party company promotions within your email. Sometimes the cost does not mean it is worth it. Your site is informative and very easy to follow. I appreciate it

    All the Best


    • That is true, just because something is cheap doesn’t mean its worth it,
      I rate it on what I am looking for in an autoresponder and what I look for and I look for an autoresponder that can be used as a full business without other tools 

      What I want in an autoresponder is 

      Squeeze page builder (with split testing preferable)
      Good delivery 
      Automation (more automation the better)

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